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I’m always amazed by the reactions people have to my films, especially when they are inspired to act on their own initiative. Such was the case with Bill Henderson, Chilliwack front man, after watching ‘Coastal Tarsands – Journey to Deleted Islands’ at the Saltspring Film Festival.  He was so incensed that he wrote the song ‘Take Back This Land’

I couldn’t ask for a greater compliment and endorsement than from an environmental lawyer, and leader of the Green Party of Canada. Elizabeth May attended the Salt Spring Island Film Festival and was very enthusiastic about my film, complimenting me on many of the important subjects I was able to cover effectively. I was so thrilled I forgot to get a photo. We met again at a rally against ‘Cuts to Education.’

April 12, 2015 Nanaimo, British Columbia


The enthusiasm of audiences highlights just how important preventing supertankers is for people who live on the west coast of Canada. After watching ‘COASTAL TARSANDS’ many people vowed to share their experience with this film, particularly with people in Ontario and Quebec where the balance of voting is held for the upcoming Federal Election. Audiences stayed after all screenings, to share their personal experiences and encourage me to continue getting this film out for people across Canada and around the world. Thank you all for your support.

Stay tuned for public screenings!

5am about to walk onto 'Northern Expedition' with Kayak

I started my journey at my home on Vancouver Island and took the BC Ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. I then boarded a smaller ferry to Hartley Bay where I meet some amazing people. From there we started our 8 day kayak trip to explore some of the islands and narrow channels where Enbridge plans to navigate supertankers. I focused my filming on Wright Sound and Lewis Passage where these Supertankers will have to make a series of hair-pin turns, each greater than 90 degrees. I could do it in the kayak but I believe it would be very difficult with a 330 meter supertanker even with tug boats and then there is a likely-hood of a cruise ship, ferry, or another tanker coming the opposite directions. Not something I want to witness.

24 ft tides, currents, rain, rugged coast, verticle camp sites, whales, birds, salmon, shellfish... all part of this incredible wilderness.

This journey inspired me to do anything I can to stop this incredible coast from being destroyed by an oil spill. We owe this to future generations, all wildlife, and the place we call home.


‘Coastal Tarsands’ examines the truth behind tankers navigating Canada’s west coast with a series of strategies that reflect today’s independent media. This documentary combines my very personal journey, extensive research, and interviews with people living on the front lines along the north coast of British Columbia.  In order to address issues that continue to change as the production progressed, and to grow an audience with the ability to SPREAD THE WORD NOT THE OIL, the web-based component of this media project embraces public support to provide a voice for the environment that will be most impacted by supertankers proposed by the Enbridge Corporation.

You can help to make this project successful by spreading the word about this website, and sharing the link: www.CoastalTarSands.ca


Bottom Line!
Oil and Water Don’t Mix!






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