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Richard Boyce, MFA makes documentary films and videos focusing on social issues and the environment. 

For more information visit: RichardBoyce.com

In 2011 Boyce released an award winning film which he produced, directed, and photographed:

“RAINFOREST – The Limit of Splendour”

Boyce climbing into canopy of ancient 'RAINFOREST

Inspired by a clan chief of the Kwakwaka’wakw, Boyce embarked upon a cinematic journey contrasting the tree-farms that dominate the landscape surrounding his home on Vancouver Island with an ancient rainforest on the Pacific Coast of Canada. Boyce climbs high up into the canopy of massive trees to reveal a world few people have ever seen.

Released in 2011 this film was honoured with the 2012 Mark Haslam Award at Toronto’s ‘Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival’ for “giving voice to individuals, communities, struggles or stories that are under-represented in the media and is made by a filmmaker who is a member or participant in that community, struggle or story. The selected work demonstrates the power to inspire reflection and positive action towards the social and ecological health of the planet.” Winner of the 2011 Best Mountain Culture Award at the Whistler Film Festival where the jury praised the film for: “re-exposing our most critical environmental issue while at the same time pushing the cinematic experience and limits of storytelling, cinematography and editing.”

As a cinematographer Boyce has shot documentary films with some of Canada’s most respected filmmakers, in extreme conditions from the icy streets of Montreal to the heat of the Sahara Desert, across the USA and Canada, to the wild and wet climate of the Pacific Coast Rainforest.

Boyce maintains a deep respect for his subjects and provides them with an atmosphere in which to express themselves honestly and without restraint. His work with homeless people on the streets of Montreal as cinematographer and co-director on “The Street – a film with the homeless” has been recognized internationally with numerous festival awards along with a successful national theatrical release and broadcasts across Canada. Richard worked for several years with homeless people as the Victoria Outreach Worker for: HOMELESS NATION.org 2009 Winner of World Summit Award and New Media Award.

A writer for five years with the Parksville-Qualicum News, Boyce drew attention to the environment in his column ‘ISLAND LENS’

For more information visit: RichardBoyce.com




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