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1:45 pm PST Tuesday November 29, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Federal Liberal Government will be asking the National Energy Board to dismiss the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposed by the Enbridge Corporation between the Tarsands in northern Alberta and Kitimate, British Columbia.

COASTAL TARSANDS – Journey to Deleted Islands

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A cinematic kayak journey revealing the reality of BC’s North Coast, where the Enbridge Corporation proposed to navigate hundreds of supertankers loaded with millions of barrels of Bitumen from Alberta’s Tarsands. This is also relevant for BC’s South Coast with Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline expansion.



Kinder Morgan ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline was approved by Trudeau to increase marine traffic in Burrard Inlet by 13% while tripling the export of Tarsands Bitumen. The contention by Trudeau that pipelines are safer than railways does not reflect the fact that Alberta Tarsands needs to be diluted with Condensate Natural Gas, which is imported from Asia and loaded onto railway tankers and transported to northern Alberta. This is a major omission that needs to be addresses.

Trudeau also announced that the Federal Government will continue the moratorium on crude oil carriers (not LNG or Condensate tankers) and make it law.

At the same time Trudeau approved the Enbridge Corporation’s Line 3 from the Tarsands in northern Alberta to Wisconsin to be refined in USA.

Film Review by Natalie Dunsmuir – Island Tides

“I was taken away by the breathtaking beauty, peace, and importance of the coast, and then, earth shatteringly, jarringly, brought back to reality with powerful facts and clear visuals. Boyce’s mixture of hope, urgency and information left me with tears in my eyes for everything we have and the chance that we might lose it.  Like Boyce, if you want to be inspired to action, if you want to be shocked, and, most of all, if you want to be educated, watch this movie. It is the most solid collection of data and evidence about tankers that I have come across yet.”

Film Review by Tyler Batten – Alternatives Journal

“Boyce’s knowledge of and passion for the wellbeing of BC’s environmentally sensitive central coast is obvious, and Coastal TarSands offers some of the most comprehensive first-hand reporting available on the subject of Northern Gateway.”


The 2nd largest oil deposit on the planet requires the dirtiest methods of extraction in the world. Europe has rejected Bitumen from Canada’s Tarsands because it is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas.  However, the Enbridge Corporation is determined to bring this dirty oil to markets in Asia by building a pipeline 1,170 km long across 2 formidable mountain ranges, both the Rocky Mountains and the Coast Mountains, to reach the Pacific-Coast of Canada. In sharp contrast to a $350 million advertising campaign by the oil company, the filmmaker takes a cinematic kayak journey to explore the narrow channels and a maze of islands along British Columbia’s North Coast. The filmmaker’s personal exploration of this remote wilderness focuses precisely on the coastal area where hundreds of supertankers loaded with millions of barrels of Diluted Bitumen will have to navigate through treacherous waters. This film takes a first-hand look at the coast, its natural features, weather, currents, wildlife, and the people who live there.


Today 80% of BC residents and more than 50% of Canadians are opposed to the Enbridge Corporation’s Northern Gateway Pipeline Project. Now its time to make the rest of Canada understand just how destructive these Supertankers will be to the Pacific coast of Canada.

2012 RALLY AGAINST TANKERS - BC Legislature - Photo by Pete Rockwell

 Bottom Line!

Oil and Water Don’t Mix!

Enbridge’s Planned Routes Super Tankers 

450 Tankers?

Enbridge mentioned only 225 Tankers… 

find out more on ‘The Facts‘ page.


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